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February 18, 2020

Brand Assets are here!

We have heard the feedback from our clients and designers, and we are happy to announce to you that we have finally launched a new functionality on our platform to help you structure your brand assets.

Erik Sandsmark
Written ByErik Sandsmark

Finally, the day has come to reveal the latest functionality on our platform. Brand Assets allow you to store and share all of your graphic elements, easing the design process for you and your designer. 


Brand Assets allow you to upload a colour palette for your designers


A common challenge in most creative projects is access to brand assets. We have seen that brand assets tend to be stored locally on computers instead of a cloud, which often results in them being hidden or unavailable. In some instances, the brand assets may also be completely absent. 


On the other side of the spectrum, there are companies with great brand guidelines, who believe that this information is more than enough for the designer to solve a task. This is not necessarily correct, because the designer needs the actual assets to do their job. A rule of thumb to distinguish brand guidelines and brand assets is that you can consider brand guidelines as the recipe, whilst the brand assets are the necessary ingredients


To make the design process between you and your designer easier, we happily introduce to you the new functionality on our platform, which allows you to store and structure all of your brand assets. Utilising this new functionality gives the designer easy access to the assets they need to create a killer on-brand design for you. 


Easy access to brand guidelines and press resources


The functionality is built up around adding colours, logos and fonts to different sections, who are all considered as the bare minimum of what should be uploaded for you to say that your company has your brand assets in place. However, you are free to delete or move around sections, and of course, adding new ones. You could upload anything from templates, images, icons, illustrations and other files, to give you control and overview of your assets, and for effortless sharing of resources with others. 


The brand assets functionality is mainly developed for the designer but is, of course, a major advantage for you as a client in terms of saved time and a clear handover to the designer. We hope you love the new functionality and that it will be a useful tool to make your workflow even more effective. 


If you’re already a user of Graphiq, you can upload your brand assets here.


Are you curious to find out if Graphiq can be useful to you? Say hi to us here, and we’ll tell you more!


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