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February 18, 2020

How Graphiq helped Orkla develop the birthday webshop 123Bursdag

Orkla’s new business helps parents arranging children’s birthday parties. Read how the department of business development brought in resources from Graphiq to launch the webshop 123Bursdag, that delivers inspiration and theme based birthday boxes to your home. 


About Orkla

  • Orkla is a leading supplier of branded consumer goods to the grocery, out-of-home, specialised retail, pharmacy and bakery sectors. 
  • Orkla Foods Norway is a producer and supplier of famous brands like TORO, Stabburet, Nora, Idun and Grandiosa.
  • In 2018 Orkla founded a department for business development which intention is to identify new markets for the corporation. 


The challenge 

Cecilie Sand is a business developer in Orkla Foods and she leads the department’s work with innovation and concept development. Part of their work is identifying new possibilities for direct relations to their most important audiences. One of the company’s largest customer groups is families, and children’s birthday parties were identified as an occasion where Orkla is already present with their products - from Idun ketchup on hot dogs to Toro chocolate cake decorated with Laban gummies. Orkla wanted to develop a service for families with children, and invited customers to interviews to get insight into what challenges parents meet when arranging birthday parties, and how Orkla potentially could solve these problems. 


In collaboration with innovation studio Løpe, Orkla early revealed a need for complete birthday boxes containing everything parents need to arrange a children’s birthday party. The concept therefore became an online shop that delivers inspiration and theme based birthday boxes home to families. Through user testing of simple prototypes, they received confirmation that this was a potentially valuable service. From there, the work was about developing and launching the actual webshop, and this is where Graphiq got involved. After a recommendation from Løpe, Cecilie contacted Graphiq to outsource this developing job. 


The design process 

Graphiq connected Orkla to designer Troy, who took on the task of developing the webshop 123Bursdag. Orkla had already developed a defined idea and sketch, and the designer’s responsibility was to find a technical solution to realise this idea. Troy was also involved in the visual profiling of the newly established brand - including name, logo and colour profile. He is both a designer and web developer, and Cecilie tells me that it was very useful to cover two different roles in one person. “For us, it was important that the product was technically functional, as well as graphically appealing”. Based on the new visual identity, Troy started sketching and prototyping the e-commerce solution. 


The webshop was developed and launched in less than 8 weeks, and Cecilie describes the collaboration as a smooth process. “Troy really understood our demand for a platform we could operate ourselves, and he has gone a long way to make that happen”. Troy himself, describes the project as an important learning process where he found new possibilities in what had previously been technical limitations in the e-commerce system, which allowed him to deliver a tailored webshop solution. They both tell me about an effective process and great dialogue. For Orkla’s business development department, time and cost effectiveness has been really important. “We contacted Graphiq because you have a structure that cuts the cost of unnecessary middle men. We knew what we wanted, and were connected directly to a designer who could solve this task in an effective way”, Cecilie says. 


The result 

The webshop was launched in May and the entire process from idea to product took less than half a year. 123Bursdag has had tens of thousands of visitors and the response from the consumers has been incredibly positive. Cecilie tells me that the work moving forward is about learning and further developing the service. They are in constant customer dialogue to optimise the service, and Troy is still working with them through a support deal to implement any technical changes in the platform. In 2020 the focus is on creating brand awareness of 123Bursdag and knowledge of the service. Through content marketing, digital advertising and SEO, they are aiming at becoming the leading service for parents with a hectic schedule, who wish to arrange themed birthday parties that their children will never forget. 




Do you want to realise your webshop idea or revitalise a website? Send us a proposal to get connected to the right designer for the job. 


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