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February 18, 2020

How Stockfleths increased their webshop traffic by 140% using animations 

Norwegian coffee chain Stockfleths wanted increased traffic to their webshop and contacted Graphiq to help them with marketing material for social media. A month after the campaign was launched, their website traffic had increased by 140%. 

About Stockfleths 

  • Stockfleths is a chain of coffee bars in Greater Oslo, Norway. 
  • The chain has been brewing quality coffee and impacting Norwegian coffee culture since 1895. 
  • Their core competence and passion is delivering tasty experiences and coffee of the highest quality. 
  • Stockfleths’ ambition is to be the world’s greatest coffee brewing chain. 


The challenge 

Marie Mossige Grythe is marketing manager in Stockfleths and holds the sole responsibility for the marketing of 12 coffee bars in Greater Oslo and the chain’s webshop. She has previously produced content and marketing material herself, and managed organic and paid content marketing in social media. With a goal of generating increased sales in Stockfleths’ webshop, Marie realised she needed a helping hand. 


She had read that video content of high quality and relevance was an effective way to convert users, and she considered animations as an exciting and competitive approach. And here, her expertise came to short. “I have previously edited videos myself which works for organic content, but I really wanted a product of higher quality for use in advertising. Vi deliver quality and knowledge, and I wanted the ads to reflect that.” 


Marie has previously worked with Graphiq to produce product labels, and there was no doubt who she was using for this animation project. She tells me that she’s previously considered more traditional agencies, but that the process seemed too comprehensive, time-consuming and costly. For the animation project Marie was connected with designer Torben, and she says that it was very valuable to be directly involved in the design process. 


“As marketing manager I have a clear vision of how I want Stockfleths to be communicated, and therefore, communicating directly with the designer is very effective. Ultimately, you do cut a middle man that might be redundant”, she says. She proceeds to tell me that the product is delivered fast and cost-effective, yet still holds a high standard. “I got a product of great quality, without it costing me my entire marketing budget”. 


The design process

Designer Torben specialises in 2D animation and was connected with Marie to realise her vision of a universal and informative animation for use as marketing material in a range of ads. Based on reference photographs for inspiration, Torben first constructed a storyboard to create a feeling of what style and expression the animation should have. 


After approval from Marie the storyboard was transformed to a simple animation to outline the timing and rhythm in the video. Then the job started with animating and creatively visualising scene by scene. “Marie wanted every scene to be able to be used individually, so this project was about adding as much love into, and beautifully visualising five individual scenes that works just as good together as standalone”, Torben says. 


The storyboard, illustrating each scene of the animation


The project took mere weeks from start to finish and they both agree that the design process was effective. Torben tells me that him and Marie early on agreed on how the end result was going to look like, and that there were few iterations before the result was ready. He believes the collaboration worked so well because she had a clear vision and because he early on grasped this idea and visualised this vision. 


Marie stresses that a good collaboration with a designer is about preparation and bringing specific ideas and thoughts into the project. “In a way you need to take on a project manager role and create a clear brief on what you’re visualising, but in return you get to collaborate directly with a designer who works to realise the vision in your head”, she says. 


The result 

The result was a 36 second long animated video with 5 tips for better brewed coffee. The animations, who are still used in marketing on social media and on their website, gives coffee enthusiasts guidance in how they can easily brew quality coffee at home. 


Marie is proud to announce that the marketing efforts - animations included - lead to a 140% increase in traffic to Stockfleths’ webshop in the first month. She can also reveal that the traffic this month compared to the same month last year, has had an increase of incredible 240%. Stockfleths and Graphiq are proud of this collaboration and the great results, and we’re looking forward to future projects. 











Would you like to work with Torben or find out how Graphiq can help you realising your visions? Send us a request and receive a non-binding offer. 

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