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November 12, 2020

The 7 best websites to find icons

Icons can be a marketing manager’s best friend to level up your brand language. Here is our advice for getting started with icons and seven great websites.

Kristiane Austad
Written ByKristiane Austad

Icons can be found almost everywhere and come with a lot of benefits. One of the benefits is that you can communicate your brand personality more visually. Icons can also simplify navigation and make your communication more effective. For an icon to be successful it should be easy to understand and identify for everyone.

There are several ways you can get hold of your first icons to complement your marketing. But how do you get started? Keep on reading and we’ll explain how to get started. We will also share seven of the best websites to find both free and paid icons for your marketing.

Where to find icons

You have now understood the power of using icons in your marketing. Great! There are typically three ways to get you started: 

1. Create custom icons. Get help from a freelance designer or illustrator to create something unique.

2. Customize existing icons. Get help to customize and edit an existing icon set from a freelance designer or illustrator.

3. Use stock icons. These can be used right away without any adjustments. 


You can read more about the value of icons and the different approaches in our other article here. In this article, we have focused on stock icons.

The only websites you need to find icons

1. Icons8

Icons8 has over 140 000 free icons in various styles. Each of the icons has the perfect pixel size for every project. They have an icon editor that lets you easily change colors, add elements, and more. This makes your icons more on-brand, and therefore differentiate you more from your competitors.


2. Flaticon

Flaticon wants to deliver the best high-quality content of illustrations, photos, icons, and more. They have a big selection with many categories of everything you will need for your marketing projects.


3. Iconshock

Iconshock have over 2 million icons in their library. They deliver both stock icons and custom designs. With over 400 icon sets in all different styles, it should be easy to find something to match your style.


Iconshock offers various different styles to adjust your icons


4. Iconfinder

With a passionate community of designers, Iconfinder provides high-quality icons to millions of creative professionals. They have different payment plans to choose from to get access to all of their icons or you can pay for each icon as you go. Also here you can modify colors or shapes before downloading.


5. Creativemarket

Creativemarket provides almost everything you need. They have ready-to-use design assets from different creators all around the world. They offer handcrafted fonts, graphics, photos, icons, and more to help with every project.


6. Feather icons

Feather icons are open-source icons with simple, consistent, and readable icons. You can easily choose the size, stroke width, and color before downloading the icons.

Customize size, stroke width, and color on Feather icons-2


7. Icon store

Icon store has a lot of unique and colorful icons that really differentiate from other websites. They have different icon sets for all categories you can imagine.


8. Dribbble

Here is a little bonus for you, Dribbble is great for finding inspiration or hire someone to help you customize or create custom icons for you. They were founded in 2009 and help design talents to share, grow, and get hired by all the brands that use their site.

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