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May 25, 2020

What you need to consider before ordering a rollup

Rollups are effective marketing material at conferences and trade fairs, and it’s important that they have the right design and color to be eye-catching and informative enough to deliver the company’s message.

Kristiane Austad
Written ByKristiane Austad

Rollups are important marketing material for conferences, events, trade fairs, etc. The portable banners are easy to move and are an effective tool for catching the attention of visitors. Trade fairs, for example, are an arena where companies compete for attention. A good roll-up can differentiate you from your competitors and be used to promote brands, products, and services. To succeed in this, its therefore essential that the rollup banner has the right design, style, and color to attract attention, and that its informative enough to effectively communicate the company's message.



Using the right colors can bring the attention of your target audience. Use strong colors that either contrast or complement the colors of your company logo. To ensure good readability from a distance, a big contrast between colors of text and background is important. Be consistent in color choices and use colors that reflect your company's visual identity. Consistency in all marketing efforts makes it easier for visitors to recognize and remember the business.


Using the right colors can bring attention to your target audience
Using the right colors can bring attention to your target audience


It is important to think about readability when ordering a rollup. The rollup design should have a simple appearance without too much information, as there are very few people that have the time to stop and read a lot of text. The rollup should, therefore, be kept to the most relevant information. Rather, save detailed information to brochures that are distributed to your visitors after you get their attention. The message should be communicated clearly and a clear message is both effective and engaging.


The main message should be at eye level and the company logo should be visible. The banner must make a good and quick impression on those passing by. A good slogan and a good illustration are therefore important elements. The message should contain the company's unique selling points - what makes their product or service unique compared to existing products/services? Remember: You only have a few seconds to get your audience's attention!



High-quality images are important for a professional and attractive rollup. Poor resolution of images and colors will make a bad impression and it is, therefore, important to consider which supplier you are using. Because you only have a short time to catch visitors' attention, it is important to emphasize the visual expression. Think about who you want to reach, what goals you have, and what the message is. Use images that are eye-catching, clear, and relevant to the message. Be aware that too many visual elements may seem cluttered and vague.


Contact information

Including the company's contact information is especially important if you are at trade fairs where you do not necessarily get to talk to everyone who stops by. This will provide visitors with information on how to get in touch with your business if they are interested in your service or product. The website, email address, and phone number should be included. Many marketers choose to place the contact information far down on the rollup. Instead, consider placing the contact information further up to make it more visible to the crowd.



The recommended rollup size depends on what it is used for. The sizes vary greatly in height and width, and you can choose anything from a small table banner to a large fair wall. If you have your stand and plenty of space to fill, it is recommended to utilize the space with large rollups and fair walls. This way, the rollup alone can have a marketing function. For smaller events, it may be appropriate to have a smaller variant in combination with other marketing measures.


Measure effectiveness

To get the most out of the rollup, it is important to measure its effectiveness. Evaluate the location. Did many people stop by? Could it have been located somewhere else to get more attention? Is the message on the rollup consistent with all other marketing materials? Does it resonate with what employees communicate? How many visitors contacted you via the contact information from the rollup? Consider these questions and whether you can make improvements next time.


A rollup can be a very important marketing tool. This marketing material can help your business stand out and effectively communicate the message to passersby. As a client ordering rollups, it is important to consider color choices, visual elements, text, and information. To order design of an effective rollup you can submit your project here and receive a no-obligation offer for rollup design.


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